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Small Projects

Bernese Mountain Dog Wall Plaque

Line Art

From Line Art

Cut Parts

To Cut Parts

Finshed Product

To Art

Project Notes:

The artist provided line art of his work. We broke the design into individual parts and using 3 tools, cut them out of a single piece of 3/4” Oak. We were able to create very small pieces needed for artistic detail (note the Quarter in the image for a size reference). The artist then finish sanded, stained, and assembled the pieces as a completed wall art plaque.

Services Provided:

Guidance in the creation of the line art, CAD/CAM design, supplied the wood.

Acrylic Plastic Spacer (Sometimes, it pays to experiment)

Acrylic Spacer

Project Notes:

Customer provided a detailed drawing of the required part. Material is 1/8” white acrylic. Provided 10 sample pieces for design proof of concept.


Customer determined that this design would not work as anticipated. Our fast turn around kept their design process on track.

Services Provided:

Conversion of drawing to CAM file, Raw Material, Samples