A service of Silver Creek Industries, Inc.

Mid-Sized Projects

Table Legs

Leg Fixture Table Legs

Project Notes:

Customer provided CAD files of 6 leg designs. We created low-cost fixtures capable of producing 1000's of legs to precise dimensions.

Services Provided:

Conversion of drawing to CAM file, Supplied Raw Material, Secondary woodshop processes to provide a stain-ready leg.

Lighted Beer Signs

Beer Sign

Project Notes:

Customer provided the artwork for their sign. We cut white acrylic for the sign, and recreated their art in our art panel shop. Cut all wood sign components from 3/4" brown melamine particle board. Edge banded exposed surfaces. Installed and tested LED lighting. Packaged and drop shipped to their customers.

Services Provided:

Complete design of the finished product. CAD/CAM for all aspects of the product. Supplied all components and raw materials. Secondary woodshop processes and complete assembly. Provided packaging and shipping to multiple addresses.