A service of Silver Creek Industries, Inc.

High Volume Projects

26,000 Plywood Panels

20 x 30" plywood panels with rounded corners and a hole in the top center

Project Notes:

Our largest job to date. Customer provided the sketch and 5 semi loads of plywood. Cut 6 panels per sheet, put a radius on the top and bottom edge, palletized and shipped to their customer.

Services Provided:

CAD/CAM of sketch, programmed so no fixture was needed. Secondary woodshop processes. Shipping, receiving and storage of semi loads of raw material and finished product.

10,000 Foam Insulating Panel Inserts

Foam Insert

Project Notes:

Customer provided a detailed CAD file with tight tolerances. The foam inserts needed to fit precisely into injection molded plastic panels. 4 tools were used to create each panel.

Services Provided:

CAM programmed so no fixture was needed. Bulk packed and shipped on a daily basis to keep their production facility running on schedule. Supplied the raw material.